Shnuggle Air Complete Sleep System 

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The Shnuggle Air Complete Sleep System bundles everything you need for baby’s first bed right up until approximately 2 years of age.

The Shnuggle Air Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib allows you and baby to sleep close to each out but without sharing the same bed, helping to grow your bond and giving your baby the reassurances and comfort they need from having you close by. Mattress included.

The Shnuggle Air Full Size Crib Conversion Kit allows you to convert your bedside sleeper infant crib into a stylish full size crib, extending their familiar sleep environment and helping to ease their transition to a bigger sleep space.

The Full Size Crib Airflow Mattress is needed once you convert your infant crib to full size crib. The mattress promotes airflow and provides, a comfortable sleep space for baby.

The Bedside Sleeper Infant Crib Bedding Set which includes 2 fitted sheets and a reversible blanket in 100% cotton beautiful gender neutral geo print.

The Full Size Crib Fitted Sheets Set in 100% cotton cloud and stripe geo print.