About us




My name is Erica and welcome to Naturally Kerious where you can shop with a clear conscience.

Taking care of the little ones is a very important aspect of parenthood.
However, we had been influenced by consumerism and find ourselves doubting the legitimacy of products that can be harmful for our little ones.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a place where consumers can find companies that specialize in ethically made goods and to support local businesses.

I had meticulously searched for the companies that share our vision in keeping our young ones safe, and teaching them important lessons as they are growing up while being entertained.

We offer products that are :-
* Eco-friendly
* Fair-trade
* Socially good
* Natural
* Educational

Here you can give our future a little more hope, joy and education; knowing that you had done the right thing in supporting businesses that are ethical and do keep your little ones in mind.
Thank you for visiting the website and enjoy your visit!


For our grand opening we'll be offering 20% off all orders at checkout.

Due to limited stocking space and abnormal shipping delays, many items are on pre-order status and will ship out as soon as they become available. 

If you’ve any questions, you can reach me at